Great services, Great bundles

What is connects our corporate clients in the media, telecommunications, and financial services industries with residential and business customers across the United States., we partner with our clients and are invested in their growth. We help guide a program from start to success, by finding new and innovative ways to generate opportunities. We follow through to achieve their goals and surpass their targets. This innovative thinking benefits the consumers we serve, by making it attractive to try new services and while realizing cost savings.


We use Direct Selling as one of our key tools to convert consumers to customers. Our programs are structured to engage customers, increase their knowledge of the product or service, and then close the sale in a professional manner.

We use Intercept Marketing to pick events and venues that attract our target audience, and we pair this with our professionally trained staff. Our programs focus on this target audience and engage with them to build enthusiasm and convert to sales.

Lead Generation is the key to our customers' future growth. We work hard to track your target demographic and qualify them as potential buyers for your brand. We deliver prequalified potential customers to you, on a silver platter.

Great Bundles offers a number of media, communications, and security services - and plenty of compelling reasons to sign up.

Dsatellite has agreements - including exclusive tie-ups - with several major corporations in the media, communications, and security industries.

As a result, we are able to offer our customers with some excellent deals and cross-platform bundles that other companies simply cannot. Get in touch with us today - via phone at (908) 342-0524, or send us an email at "" and one of our agents will be delighted to offer you more information, whether it is for a single service or to create a custom package just for you.

Among the B2B and B2C services we offer are:

  • Home Phone
  • Soft Phone (on cell)
  • High-Speed Internet
  • B2B Services
  • B2C Services
  • Television Packages
  • Smart Home Security