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We are a full-service multi-media sales and marketing company.

Dsatellite.com represents several leading companies that provide services such as TV, residential phone, internet, home security, and daily newspapers to consumers on behalf of our clients. We are the prime vendor for a major publishing group and we also hold the master dealership for a leading national phone company. Founded in 2016,

Dsatellite.com has been evolving to always stay current with the latest technologies. We have extensive experience in sales and marketing for print media and the communications industries.

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Dsatellite has a strong (and growing) marketing team. It helps us to expand your customer base through a variety of campaigns and initiatives, ranging from innovative marketing campaigns to door-to-door sales.

The services we offer include:

We ensure brands gain ground and succeed in the market through strategic, integrated live and digital experiences. Dsatellite.coml, we’re experts in attracting attention for our customers’ products and services in a world where attention is in short supply. Utilizing targeted insights, strategic creativity, and armed with an exceptional team, we carefully tailor our programs to provide value that is relevant and compelling on a national level.

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What is Dsatellite.com ?

Dsatellite.com connects our corporate clients in the media, telecommunications and financial services industries with residential and business customers across the United States.

Dsatellite.com, we partner with our clients and are invested in their growth. We help guide a program from start to success, by finding new and innovative ways to generate opportunities. We follow through to achieve their goals and surpass their targets. This innovative thinking benefit the consumers we serve, by making it attractive to try new services and while realizing cost savings.